July 22, 2019


Emerging wisdom from a law enforcement and global protection career offer a path to learn from his mistakes; in chapters with candid and plainspoken stories of personal struggle and loss. Inspiring responses received from women locating their voice and strength and entrepreneurs seeking guidance. Personal and professional growth await you in these pages.



Interminable: Stories & Steps to Overcoming Life’s Obstacles After a Repetitive Cycle of Pain and Loss. How to Maintain Your Win!
by Michael L. Henderson

How do you maintain your win when you climb out of a repetitive cycle of pain and loss? From time to time, life sometimes deals us a bad hand, and while many learn from their mistakes and prevent making new ones, others either consciously or unconsciously, find themselves on a much harder path. Many tools to help light the pathway for personal and professional growth and development await you in these pages.

You will meet a man whose exotic life journey defines success, and at times, starting again from “ground zero.” Take a hard nosedive into a life filled with road bumps, and rising again to stability, love, clarity and true happiness. Wearing many hats was a necessity to find his true identity and purpose in life. Walk with Michael as he shares the pain of being a problem for those who loved him while he was set up to fail, embarrassed, doubted, ridiculed, and even left for dead.

“I always tease that during those homeless stints – If only I had some chemical issue or mental imbalance beyond that of being a striving entrepreneur, I would have probably found the assistance I was seeking faster.”

Michael Henderson’s hats include; a former police officer/detective, global security expert, serial entrepreneur, media commentator, public speaker, TV/Film producer and multiple charities board member.

In chapters of candid, plainspoken stories, Michael shares his successes, losses, and emergence into wisdom while offering a path for you to learn from his mistakes while gaining valuable fundamentals to easily incorporate into your daily routine. From aspects stemming from his international survival training, as well as his unique perspective from years of experience gained while protecting human life around the world.

Michael helps you hone and polish behavior and action skills to achieve your dreams and aspirations. To care is the first step in seeking a better life. The difference between the challenge and the win is to get up again, and again. Staying on your feet is already the start of WINNING