The Executive Comic Book – Issue #1

September 16, 2019


Welcome to the world of Anti-Terrorism Specialist, ‘The Executive’, Michael Rain. A hero who began his career rescuing hostages and protecting corporate executives, entertainers and politicians. As his popularity with the public grows, Rain counts on his team of agents, specialized vehicles and aircrafts to assist him in his efforts to protect the globe and growing client base.


In Issue #1 we are introduced to Michael Rain’s personal and professional worlds, we experience his divide and the story opens through the words from his Director of Operations, Roger Heinz. Memories are sparked of when Rain’s career began and through a series of flashbacks of Rain with his ex-girlfriend and his first hostage rescue mission somewhere in the Amazon Rainforest, we learn about where Michael came from. As we look into the fascinating life of Michael Rain, we quickly learn he is not loved by many—his enemies are real and very dangerous. Many have world domination and individual motivations to see Michael Rain and his company, Paradigm Protection Agency out of the way. Ilia Sokolov, an evil Russian Billionaire Oligarch, and Montgomery Amhurst, a mercenary for hire, who keeps a heavy phone contact list of the most powerful terror organizations and crime syndicates on speed dial.